Foreword from President of Huawei Russia

Aiden Wu
President of Huawei Russia

I would like to welcome all participants, organizers and guests of the 7th International Conference Trust and Security in Information Society (Infoforum Beijing).

This year, for the first time in history, the conference is held in partnership with the 13th China International Fair Security China and the Cloud Security Alliance GCR Summit 2016. I am very honored that Huawei is a partner of such an important event.

Huawei is open and ready for international cooperation in the field of information security. Expanding Infoforum’s scope allows for a fresh review of challenges in information security, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge and ideas.

In 2016, Huawei released its 4th Cyber Security White Paper “The Global Cyber Security Challenge - time for real progress in addressing supply chain risks”, which was designed to increase and improve ongoing efforts, practices and standards so that the global ICT industry can address supply chain security challenges.

Huawei calls for accelerated efforts to collaborate in order to address this common challenge and ensure a dependable digital era.

I wish all participants of the conference many beneficial discussions and new contacts!

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