Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Vasily Shpak,
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Nowadays, one of the main drivers for the development of the Russian economy is the introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of life. The challenges of the modern information society dictate the need to consolidate developers, manufacturers, scientific and expert communities in matters of digital transformation of the economy. This consolidation is already contributing to the development and increase of the country's competitiveness in the international arena.

The effective use of advanced production technologies, personnel training, regulation, development of the infrastructure of the digital economy is impossible without preserving and improving the main aspects of information security. Not only the well-being of a particular organization, but also the stability of the state as a whole, depends on the effective protection of information security. The rapid digitalization of industries leads to an increase in the number of vulnerable systems and an increase in the number of incidents.

Achieving an appropriate level of information security of production processes, data and other significant objects is possible only with the interaction of the state and the private sector. I am sure that at Infoforum we will again be able to determine the priorities of cooperation and discuss ideas for further productive cooperation.

Good luck!

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