Stanislav Zas’,
Secretary General of the CSTO

I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of the International IT Forum and Conference "Infoforum - Ugra" from the SCO countries, BRICS and the Collective Security Treaty Organization on the topic of information security. During the Forum and the Conference, extremely important issues will be discussed. Today, the active introduction of digital technologies largely determines the progressive development of each state, not only a member of the CSTO member states, but all states of the world as well.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, blockchain, BigDATA, digital signature, cryptography and video conferencing are becoming the basis for economic growth. Digital platforms and electronic document flow dramatically increase the openness and efficiency of government bodies, companies, businesses, social and educational institutions. We are aware that digitalization is a serious resource for national development and improvement of the quality of life of people. In recent years we have done a lot to introduce new technologies and programs for active and equal integration of the Organization's member states into the global information space.

I want to emphasize that effective digital development can only be based on digital freedom (freedom for business, public organizations, citizens) and on the removal of barriers that restrain progress. But at the same time, we all need to understand our responsibility and potential risks, threats and challenges in the digital sphere. In the member states of the Organization, national programs are being implemented and ideas for the digitalization of the economy are being formed. The purpose of these programs is to make the economy, public administration, and the social sphere more efficient and more competitive, to stimulate the demand for innovative ideas and promising scientific research. At the same time, the most important direction is the creation of a modern information infrastructure, which will allow to quickly and safely transfer, process and store significantly larger amounts of data. This must be done in order to meet today's realities, as well as the requirements of tomorrow.

At the same time, the key task being solved is the training of professional personnel, the formation of competencies that will allow for further large-scale transformations in the field of the digital economy. We are aware that the scale of cyber threats today is such that they can only be neutralized with global cooperation, by uniting the efforts of the entire international community.

The CSTO, for the entire time of its existence, (30-year anniversary next year), has always advocated and a joint and fair solution to any issues and disputes that arise. At the same time, we are convinced that security measures and regulations of this space should not interfere with the technological progress and innovative development. Freedom is important for the turbulent digital age: freedom of communication and exchange of experience and ideas.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you, dear colleagues and friends, success in your work. I hope that the ideas and proposals expressed at the International IT Forum/Conference with the participation of the SCO, BRICS and CSTO countries will contribute to the development of the global information space and improvement of its security.

Thank you for your attention, thank you very much!

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